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Everyone loves parties, but not everyone loves all the expenses involved. Organizing a birthday party for your child can be an ordeal that leaves you pulling your hair out. Party packages at entertainment centres can cost hundreds of dollars, so if you have more than one child, this will seriously take a negative toll on your finances. Here are a few frugal birthday party ideas for kids.

Best Ways To Save on Your Next Party

Host at Your House

Cleaning up after the event won’t be fun, but you can save tremendously by hosting a party at your house instead of at a public place. Play centres and arcades charge anywhere from $10-$35 per child. Sometimes that price includes food, but oftentimes it doesn’t. Hosting your party at home gives you the control over how much you spend for food, activities and cheap party supplies.

Go To The Local Park

If your child’s birthday falls in warm weather months, consider hosting it outside. You may need to pay a small fee to reserve an outdoor area for a few hours, but you won’t need to spend much on entertainment and you can get away with simple foods

  • You can organize the party like a field day and have the kids play sports like soccer, basketball, and dodgeball for prizes.
  • If there are facilities, you can grill out and offer kids hotdogs
  • Picnic lunches are always a hit, Sliced fruit and vegetables, cubes of cheese and cold cuts travel well
  • Add a candy-filled piñata for everyone to take a whack at

Give the kids something to create

If the kids are older, consider hosting a craft party where they can make something to take home. Scour the clearance section of your favorite craft store to pick up paints or materials to make bags, pottery, picture frames, etc. Afterward, turn on a movie, pop some popcorn or bake some sweets and everyone will be happy

Stock Up on Decorations

Nobody’s birthday comes as a surprise (hint: you get a year’s notice) so plan ahead and look online for cheap party supplies like birthday balloons like latex balloons instead of rushing off to the shops at the last minute and overspending. Buying online is also advantageous because it offers your child the opportunity to have a say in picking out the decorations without having to drag them shopping. You can find a great selection of cheap party supplies at Go International. A few must-haves are:

  • Wholesale Balloons
  • Streamers, ribbons, banners
  • Disposable plates, cups, paper napkins
  • Party poppers

Keep the Menu Simple.

Food is another costly area for birthday parties. To keep food costs down, you can either have a party in between lunch and dinner to cut costs, since you will only need to offer snacks instead of a meal. No matter what you choose to serve, pick a kid-friendly menu, layout ingredients and let the kids lend a hand in assembly. Kids will love making their own mini pizza, tacos, tortilla roll-ups and more!

Whether you have one child or seven, planning a birthday party on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. A little planning can save you big money. Hosting a party at home or at the park will save you significant money. Kids enjoy a sports day or craft activity at home and they will love having a hand in preparing their food. If you order your party supplies, like bubble balloons and number balloons, ahead of the event, you can save by buying online.  Giving your kids a fun and memorable birthday party doesn’t have to break your budget!