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UGLU Dashes, Bostik, Blu Tack, UGLU, and Glue Pens

Uglu Dashes, Bostik Glue, Blu Tack, Uglu .

UGLU UK: PRO UGLU DASHES. UGLU is a Rubber Based Mounting Adhesive. This Acid Free, VOC Free And Totally Green Product Has Instant Bond And Permanent Hold And Can Be Cleanly Removed. UGLU Can Bond To Foil, Latex Paper, Wood, Tile Metal And Much More.


The Strength of Adhesive, The convenience of Tape! By Pro Tapes®

Instant Grip, Powerful Bond, No Mess Ever! Finally an arts and crafts tape that performs like a glue. A unique and innovative form of liquid adhesive that is both waterproof and weatherproof. UGlu® is a removable adhesive glue in a convenient tape-like format which bonds to most any surface, including rough or uneven surfaces. Non-toxic and acid-free. UGlu® comes in a variety of shapes like adhesive dots/dashes, strips and rolls.

Blu Tack is a permanently plastic, reusable adhesive supplied in the form of rectangular slabs between sheets of release paper. Packed in individual wallets, Blu Tack is both clean and economical in use.
It has hundreds of uses, including holding up posters, cards, children's paintings and party decorations without the need for drawing pins or sticky tape.

It can even be used to clean fluff from fabric and dirt from typewriters, or it can be rolled and manipulated to make 3 dimensional artistic models.


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UGLU Dashes
UGLU PRO Adhesive Strips Roll
UGLU Pro Glue DIY Pack
UGLU Bonding Adhesive Strips 250
Fine Tip Glue Pen
Medium Tip Glue Pen
Jumbo Tip Glue Pen
Bostik Original Economy Blu Tack
Bostik Removable Clear Sticki Dots x 64
Bostik Extra Strong Glu Dots x 200
Bostik Removable Clear Glue Dots x 200
Bostik Quick Glue Stick x4
Bostik Big Blue Glue Stick
Bostik 8g Blue Glue Stick x30
Bostik 15g Blue Glue Stick x20

Products 1 to 16 (of 22)

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