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Balloon Stuffing Machine and Balloons

The Leading Balloon Stuffing Machine The Supper Stuffer Allows You To Create Gifts In A Balloon Limited Only By Your Imagination. Our Amazing Gift In A Balloon Machine Includes The Balloon Expander. This Tool Stretches The Neck Of The 18" Stuffing Balloon Allowing You To Place The Balloon Onto The Supper Stuffer Opening With Ease. 

Gift in a  Balloon 18" Stuffing Balloons are manufactured with a wider neck to enable the easy insertion of plush toys and other items into a balloon. A Gift In A Balloon is one of the most creative ways of presenting a gift and limited only by your imagination. These balloons will fit on all Gift In A Balloon Stuffing Machines, including Classy Wrap, Balloon Stuffer, Keepsake Stuffer, Super Stuffer, Zibi Balloon Stuffer and others.

The Very Best Qualatex Stuffing Latex Balloons Come In A Wide Range Of Designs. Great For Topping With Ribbon & Pull Bows. 100% Natural, Biodegradable Latex Balloons.

All Available from GO International  Balloon Wholesaler and Party Suppliers. 


This is currently the UK's best selling Balloon Stuffing Machine. Stuffing balloon machines first became popular in the UK during the late nineties. At the time GO International were amongst the first to introduce Gift In A Balloon machines to the UK and our accounts included Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. These Balloon Stuffing Machines were about the size of a washing machine and have evolved a little over the years. The principle of all recognised gift in a balloon machines is tu suck air out of a chamber from the outside of the balloon allowing you to place bears and other gifts into the neck of the balloon. Not all balloons are suitable for stuffing machines and we recommend stuffing balloongs manufactured by Pioneer Qualatex. These are 18 inch Stuffing Balloons which have a wider neck making it easier to stretch the balloon over the stuffing machine's opening. We have an unrivaled selection of 18" Stuffing Balloons as well as Wholesale Bears. We would be delighted to help you set up your Balloons With Bears In business and have all the equipment you need at genuine balloon wholesaler prices.

The Super Stuffer Balloon Machine is a  machine which will allow you to keep an 18 inch stuffing balloon inflated while you fill the inside with stuffing material such as bears in a balloon, balloons, other stuffed toys in fact anything your creative mind can imagine and will fit through the opening of the stuffing balloon. stretch the neck of the stuffing balloon and the vacuum will suck out the air from the outside. 

The Super Stuffer Balloon Stuffing machine is a classy way to wrap a balloon and is the easiest and most exciting way to entice customers to purchase a gift wrapped in a balloon

So for your Balloon Stuffing Machine and all you 18inch Qualatex Latex Stuffing Balloons, also known as Gift In A Balloon GO International Balloon Wholesale has all you need.


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18" Clear Stuffing Balloons 25pk
18" Filigree Stuffing Balloon 25pk
18" Silver Stars Stuffing Balloons 25pk
18" Gold Stars Stuffing Balloon 25pk
18" Polka Dots Stuffing Balloons 25pk
Balloon Expander
Super Stuffer Gift In A Balloon Machine
18" Big Hearts Stuffing Latex Balloons 25pk

Products 1 to 16 (of 37)

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