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Modelling Balloons

Modelling Balloons are also known as Twisting Balloons. The Qualatex brand of modelling balloons is the entertainer's choice. Manufactured by Pioneer Balloon Company USA , and known as The Very Best Balloons, the 260q Modelling Twisting Balloon is the most popular. Called a 260q because it is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long and Q for Qualatex. Mainly used by balloon modellers, twister and balloon decorator around the world. A 160Q is 1 inch in diameter and 60 inches long. Great for making Balloon Animals and known by some as 260q Animal Balloons. 350q 3 inch diameter and 50 inches long and a 646q is 6 inch diamater x 46 inches long. 

Specialty Modelling And Entertainer Wholesale Balloons In A Variety Of Sizes, Colours And Pack Quantities. 260 Modelling Twister Animal Balloons UK.

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