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Cake Decorating Supplies & Accessories UK

The Great British Bake Off has made all of us dream of creating beautiful confections and cakes to wow our friends and family. Unfortunately, cake decorating supplies can cost more than you may want to spend. Luckily, we have put together this guide to sourcing beautiful cheap cake decorating supplies that won’t break the bank.

Birthday Cakes

Even the newest baker can take a shot at making a tasty and beautiful birthday cake. It’s the best gift, something homemade and from the heart with just the right cake decorating supplies. For an easy and pretty birthday cake for a friend try a rich chocolate cake with a chocolate glaze. Top it off with a tasteful cake decorating supplies UK like self-inflating number balloons. These pretty gold numbered balloons look so special on your baked gift.

A popular birthday treat for your sweet little ones is cupcakes. Who doesn’t love a cupcake? You can easily make cupcakes look extra special by placing them on a cupcake stand. Although you can find pricey ones on Go International pick yours up for just a few quid. The cupcake stands can be used for sandwiches as well so you know your little guests will get some healthy food in before their sweet treats.

 Wedding Cakes

If you are a professional baker or trying to be having the right cake making supplies is a must. Choose an elegant cake drum in traditional rounds or more contemporary squares to stack your cakes perfectly. One of the hottest trends right now in cakes are geodes and naked cakes.

A geode cake features an incredibly realistic geode made from sugar crystals and other cake decoration supplies. A beautiful cake board will feature the colours of your geode cake nicely.

A naked cake is not as cheeky as it sounds. It is perfect for the low-key couple that loves a simple unfrosted cake. Usually, these feature fresh fruit or hand-picked flowers for a rustic look. You can find all of these decorations under wholesale cake supplies.

Occasion Cakes

There is always a reason to make a cake. It’s a great gift for a friend that isn’t feeling well or for tea with your nan. Tickle your special someone by choosing some lovely and affordable cake supplies. If you have a themed party you can choose a fun claydough topper, a princess or a pirate is a great one for any occasion.

Unicorns are all the rage and so are lots of glitters. Combine the best of both and make princess cupcakes with glitzy gold unicorn toppers. Use magical unicorn cake cases and picks to bring the biggest smile to your favourite little girl.

No matter the occasion, baking a cake is such a lovely way to say you care. From cupcakes to wedding cakes or a surprise picnic tea for your family, you can choose cake decorating supplies UK and cake making supplies easily online at Go International.

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