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Wholesale Party Invitations

When it comes to planning a party or special event every detail matters. From the decorations, activities, and food it’s easy to forget the all-important party invite. If you have ever planned a fancy gala or wedding you know that invitations can cost almost as much as the catering. Luckily we have found some great ways to get cheap party invitations UK, that looks anything but cheap.

Create Your Own Invitations

This is such a special way to invite friends to a small get together. If you have a ladies’ tea or are planning a wine-tasting for a few of your closest friends creating your own invitations can be very special. You don’t have to be an artist to source some beautiful and inexpensive ways to create special invitations. For inspiration check out Pinterest. Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Pressed Flowers - Free, elegant, and easy pressed flowers can make for beautiful cards
  • Stamps and Stencils - if you are not an artist let a stencil do the work for you
  • Typed Up - with so many beautiful fonts and free templates you can create some beautiful invites with a few clicks

A Pound Store

What isn’t fabulous about a pound store? If you are throwing a children’s bash, a pound store can be the perfect place to pop in and get everything you need. You can pick up plates, decorations, birthday cards and party invites with different themes.

You can also find some themed party items like favourite superheroes or princesses. Then mix and match all the different pieces and voila you have a fabulous party. Some of our top picks are superheroes parties with red, blue, ad white streamers, masks and other toys that match the theme.

Cakes with action figures or hero symbols like a Superman cake or Princess Sophia cupcakes with cupcake toppers to match. Unicorns are always a great theme and you can choose rainbow accessories and add glitter and taffeta.

Party Invitations Online

As always the online marketplace is one of the best ways to find really special invitations. There are amazing sites like Go International that offer unique and extremely affordable party invites online. The pound store and your own creativity are great for a small party but for larger gatherings having affordable printed cards make life easier and more cost-effective.

You can get adorable party invites online for as little as a pound or less! We are loving the Happy Birthday Pink Glam that comes in a pack of 14 for less than a quid. For your football fan pick up a couple of stacks of Football Birthday Party Invitations that come with 20 party invitations in each pack also for under a pound.

Don’t waste your time and money on expensive invitations. Instead, shop online or make your own and save a lot. Party invitations are fun and set the tone but they are also thrown out usually soon after so spending a lot of money probably doesn’t make sense. Getting invitations doesn’t have to take up your day, just browse online and select.


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