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Birthday parties are pretty simple when your kids are younger, ask them about their favourite cartoon character and run to the party decoration shop to buy everything with that character’s face on it and popping in a movie for the kids. What happens when your kids get a little older and they’re no longer enamoured with Peppa Pig or Danie Tiger? Older kids still want a fun birthday party, but something more clever and interesting. Here are some party themes and party decoration ideas that your older kids will love.

Escape Room

Escape rooms have become very very trendy. If you can afford it, one option is to give your kids a mysterious birthday party at your local escape room. If you’re on a budget, you can also recreate the escape room experience in your home. Your party decoration supplies will include a themed scene setter or a photo prop backdrop for everyone to take photos in front of with a “we escaped” sign.

  • Find a lock that needs 4 numerals to unlock and set a combination (“locking up dessert” is a good idea for a kids party)
  • Buy costume props to get the kids into character
  • Decorate the room to match the theme.
  • Print out or make different clues and hide them
  • You will be the host for the whole adventure, giving hints and clues to help the kids along

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have always been really fun and popular. Simply hide clues around your house for the kids to find. One clue will lead to another, then another. Clue after clue, they’ll eventually find their way to the prize at the end. Incorporate clues into your party decoration theme, for example, 80’s music, Hollywood movies or casino style.

Be sure not to make the clues too difficult. Gear the clues to the kids’ level (and offer bonus clues, if they’re needed)... if it’s too difficult, kids won’t enjoy it

Master Chef competition

Cooking competition television shows have been rating hits, for good reason. Everyone loves the challenge of creating fun and interesting foods, so why not recreate something similar in your own kitchen? Cheap party decoration ideas are restaurant-style tablecloths, aprons and chefs hats.

  • Divide the kids into teams (3 teams is a good number)
  • Provide the ingredients and tools and set the challenge for what they will do (create a dessert, an appetizer...etc)
  • Start the clock and give each team a certain amount of time to do their magic
  • Let the birthday kid “judge” the results and declare a winner

Hosting birthday parties becomes more of a challenge as kids get older, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find creative and inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained. Older kids will love participating in an escape room challenge, scavenger hunt or chef competition. Hosting the birthday party in your home will offer significant savings. Of course, wholesale decorations websites like Go International will offer you a great price on the party decorations that you need. There are lots of fun, interactive activities for older kids that will make their next birthday party a memorable event.

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