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Create the ultimate masquerade with our collection of beautiful wholesale masks. Perfect for adding a finishing touch or as an instant dress up look.

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Bandit Eyemasks
Black Cover Nose Burglar Eyemasks
Silver Glittered Venetian Eyemasks x3
White Ornate Columbina Eyemasks x3
Fever Baroque Fantasy Eyemasks x3
Black Ornate Colombina Feather Mask x3
Black And Gold Fastidious Eyemasks x3
Venetian Colombina Masks x3
Black And Gold Persian Eyemaks x3
Gothic Venetian Eyemasks
Venetian Musical Jester Eyemasks

Products 1 to 16 (of 35)

Monthly Specials For January

Loom Band Charms x60
Neon Scented Loom Bands x24
Frozen Ice Skate Flag Banner
Rubber Gun x1
£0.98  £0.49
Multi Coloured S Clips x24
Scented Neon Loom Bands x24